Stan na Dan, Novi Sad!



Prenociste Novi Sad

Episkopa Visariona 2c, Novi Sad

Size:  50 m²

Persons: od 1 do 5


Prenociste Novi Sad

Petra Drapšina 56, Novi Sad

Size:  80 m²

Persons: od 1 do 5


Apartman Novi Sad

Jovana Đorđevića, Novi Sad

Size:  50 m²

Persons: od 1 do 5


Stanovi Izdavanje Novi Sad

Zmaj Jovina 16
Ilije Ognjanovica 10, Novi Sad

Size:  69 m²

Persons: od 1 do 8


Prenociste Novi Sad

Zmaj Jovina 16
Ilije Ognjanovica 10, Novi Sad

Size:  73 m²

Persons: od 1 do 10


Stanovi Na Dan

Vuka Karadzica 14, Novi Sad

Size:  65 m²

Persons: od 1 do 6



Ilije Ognjanovića 10, Novi Sad

Size:  36 m²

Persons: od 1 do 4


Stan Na Dan Novi Sad

Zmaj Jovina 16
Ilije Ognjanovica 10, Novi Sad

Size:  70 m²

Persons: od 1 do 8


Stanovi Na Dan Novi Sad

Zmaj Jovina 16
Ilije Ognjanovica 10, Novi Sad

Size:  40 m²

Persons: od 1 do 5


Prenociste Novi Sad

Episkopa Visariona 2c, Novi Sad

Size:  50 m²

Persons: od 1 do 5


Prenociste Novi Sad

Zmaj Jovina, Novi Sad

Size:  40 m²

Persons: od 1 do 4


Izdavanje Stanova

Bulevar Oslobodjenja 2, Novi Sad

Size:  60 m²

Persons: od 1 do 5

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My name is Sara and I live abroad for some time now. Medical services ae very expensive where I live, I decided to come to Novi Sad, Serbia, to do the necessary tests and intervetions. For all that time, I needed a place to stay, a comfortable one, in the city center, but a peaceful place where I will be able to rest and have some privacy. I heared from a friend that there is this apartment rental based on the number of nights you choose to stay, that meets all my criteria: clean, warm, peaceful, noiseproof, and yet in the center of the city and close to the hospital where I had to go on daily basis. Besides, I was offered to pay for daily meals at a nearby restaurant that is doing home deliveries, at affordable prices, even though I hade a mini kitchen in the apartment with all the necessary cooking equipment. The room had wi-fi, which was important because I had to work online while in Serbia. The whole treatment was less stressful for me and I really felt at home.

My husband and I live in Budapest for the last 10 years, but we are from Serbia, Novi Sad to be exact. A few years back, we became parents to tjis beautiful little girl, which made our lives better, so there are three of us now. No, four! Cause I can’t not include our little pinscher Charlie. Life in EU is amazing from a business point of view, but our family is here and we tend to visit once a month, at least for the weekend, to spend a few days with them. Novi Sad is still in our hearts and there it will stay. As we come here often, and bring our Charlie with us, we don’t like being anybody's burden, so we found this apartment that can be rented for a couple of days (nights), which is pet friendly, and we stay there every time. When our Sandra was a little baby, we always got a crib for her. The apartment is spacious, clean, on a great location, ideal for everything we need when we come for the weekend. Charlie is content he can be with us, and therefore Sandra is happy too.

My name is Aleksandra and I work as an assistent teacher at The Faculty of Economics in Subotica, University Novi Sad. My work and the teaching plan demand me being in Novi Sad every week, sometimes to even sleep over, because of the frequent meetings, educations, occasional weekend classes we are involved in. I have heared from other colleagues who occasionally come to Novi Sad too, that they are always staying in nice and adequately equiped apartments, not hotels nor hostels, but a high quality apartment rentable for the night for a reasonable price. That was exactly what I needed. I started useing all the benefits of this type of overnight stay, I even got attached to one of the apartments in the heart of the city, which met all my expectations. I was especially impressed by the fact there was a parking space provided for me as a guest.

I'm from Serbia, but I have been living and working in Zagreb for a long time. I am in movie production business, my colleagues are excellent young people, and I had the opportunity to meet the wonderful girls with whom I developed real friendships. One of the girls got engaged recently so we decided to arrange a bachelorette party to remember, and I suggested that we go to Serbia, Novi Sad to be exact, since we have been in Belgrade many times already. We needed a place for eight of us, where we’ll have enough room for all we had in mind during the weekend. It was also important for us to be close to the main events in the city, because we didn’t want to use the car a lot. We managed to book a great room, which even had a separate upper floor with 4 simple beds and two extra beds, quite comfortable and large, as well as a living room in the lower part where we could spend time before going out, turn on the TV and play music, use a refrigerator and all the necessary equipment in the kitchen. We were delighted we could all stay in the same room and we would always come back.We warmly recommended this place to everyone.

Alexandar Kelly, Japan
I am from these regions by origin, but I have been living and working in Japan for 20 years now. I have been born in the USA, and I spent my entire childhood there. I am a pilot and I am constantly traveling with more than 10 people in my crew. So far, our journeys always ended in hotel rooms where we were able to get some sleep. After some time, our work becomes a routine and in addition to traveling, we want the option to see and get to know the places and cities which we are visiting. Our company has made contracts with various accommodation units in Novi Sad and other cities, so we get to be well rested and satisfied before we get back to work. Apartments are what we need, cause we can always make a meal, rest and, besides that we can socialize and enjoy our time off. About 10 crew members were accommodated in one location and all I can say are words of praise. We will return to this apartment unit and enjoy it again!


"The accommodation was excellent, and it was equally magnificent in the very center of the city. I recommend these apartments and Novi Sad to visit. "

Sandra T. | Belgrade Serbia

"I am often in Novi Sad and regularly in apartments Astoria, excellent accommodation for small money. My recommendations! "

Ivan L. | Zagreb, Croatia

"Colleagues and I came to the Congress of the neurologist of Vojvodina and the other days in Novi Sad. Then we settled into the apartment of Karola. We were earmarked in one apartment and comfortable and comfortable for all. We stayed in the very center of the city and received all the necessary information and help from the friendly hosts.
We are planning to visit Novi Sad again from the return and we certainly know who we call the occasion. This time we come in even greater numbers! "

Aleksandra Dobrodolac | Subotica, Serbia

"As coach of the volleyball club, I was looking for accommodation for the whole team I was with. The price was as important to me as the quality of the apartment, because it is important for us to be rested before the match, both to me and the players and the rest of the team. All these conditions were completely fulfilled and above all organized meals for all of us, I found at Astoria Apartments and paid for it with pleasure through the account.
Thank you and see you again next year! "

Vladimir Medenica | Denver, Colorado

"With a guy I spent two perfect days in Novi Sad when we took part in the Festival of street musicians. The pre-war apartment Sofia stayed in my memory! In the very center of the city, beautiful and warm and phenomenally designed. It's hard for me to decide for the detail that I liked most. It's a guy, of course, a parking lot that we had as part of the accommodation. I'm sure we'll meet again! "

Maja Damjanov | Belgrade Serbia

"Novi Sad is my most beautiful city! For my girlfriend, my godfather opted for this city, and these apartments just a bit, and we were all thrilled! Five unforgettable days in "Serbian Athens" made my night with all my friends unforgettable! In addition to the clubs that are full of people, we visited the Petrovaradin Fortress and all other features of Novi Sad.Obavezno rezervirajte stan po danu i videćete da nećete pogrešiti! Hvala! "

Dragana Popov

"A great choice for a long stay in a cultural palace. Everything in the apartment is clean, it's comfortable and it's also important to us, very affordable! We spent 2 nights in the pedestrian zone at the price of one night in the most ordinary hotel. Beautiful apartments, children enjoyed! "

Dunja Palić

"Exit festival is one of the best performances I have ever experienced and I will definitely return to Exit and this overnight stay, because together they have everything necessary for a party in that Party City 🙂 Novi Sad rules!"


"As a manager of many brands (Zare, Bershka and a few others), I needed housing for workers when one of the largest shopping centers in Vojvodina opened. What was most appropriate for me is that it is possible to organize meals in the apartments, so it is my the company had a mitigating circumstance to find everything in one place! I'm grateful for everything and we come again! "


"Verenica and I decided to find everything necessary for the welcome of our baby in Novi Sad. We enjoyed the longest walks around the city, through Zmaj Jovina Street and the end of the river, which is adorned with a beautiful quay at only 800m away from us. We have purchased everything planned and the accommodation is very pleasant to us. We are satisfied and everything is ready for the baby! "

Neven | Architect

"Novi Sad is a lot of things I can not do for me! I was born in Valjevo and since the beginning of my studies I was in love with this city. That's why I often return to this favorite place on the planet! The most praise for the apartments! Everything for the case! "

Ivana | Actress

"A hostel that is not a hostel! The whole team of us has been staying in three apartments right up to the main street for about twenty. It's unrealistic that we are much less money for any hotel or hostel! A generous host all the best! "

Filip and Bojan

Prices of medical treatment in Serbia are almost 10 times lower than anywhere in the world, and 5 times lower than the prices in our close region. 

Recently there has been a growing demand for this type of travel. The quality of work, the materials as well as the expertise of our doctors are at a very high level and can be easily compared with the most prestigious clinics from around the world. Serbian doctors win more than 2,000 of the world's most prestigious awards each year. Medicine is the queen of all sciences now, as it was in the past. The faculties of medicine in our country are more than a hundred years old. 

Great cooperation has been achieved with Dr Rakić dental clinic, which has been established in 1991 in Novi Sad. This is one of the eminent clinics in this area.

The following services are available in the clinic: 

  • Prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, all ceramic restorations, Zirconia), Dr Jasmina Rakić is a specialist of dental prosthetics
  • Implantology
  • Esthetic dentistry (teeth whitening)
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontology
  • Oral surgery

 All our patients have up to 10 years of warranty on our work!

The prices entail free accommodation, transportation to the airport as well as a tourist guide for all patients who choose their services. 

For more information, please contact us via Viber, WhatsApp, e-mail or phone 061/2140000.


If you have an empty apartment in Novi Sad, you are currently not living in this city, and you had bad experience with tenants so far, you must be in doubt what to do with your real estate property. Occasional short-term apartment rentals, have become very popular nowadays. Use your apartment in the right way! Let it bring you some profits, but be able to use it whenever you need it. This concept allows you to make the most out of your property. Your apartment stays in your property, the bills get paid, and there is no possibility of not paying them. The furniture you have been keeping for years, stays preserved, and you are always allowed to enter your property. For the smallest commission possible, we are ready to rent your apartment on daily basis! All responsibility is ours, we are in control of maintenance and hygiene, the needs of the guests are our job, and so are repairs, legal obligations towards inspections and tax payments. You can make some money out of a home you have inherited or bought, and it is still available for you to use it whenever you need. You can avoid all the problems associated with tenants, such as avoiding rent, not paying the bills, illegal actions, destroying the property. This implies all the advances of this concept, with an emphasis on the first - the profit. Feel free to call us and ask for references, previous experiences with people who are using our services, check out how satisfied are our clients, ask for help or advice. 

You can always call us or send an e-mail. 

Viber, WhatsApp

060 40 65 202

Best regards, 

Astoria apartments


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Apartman Novi Sad
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