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Home is where you feel at home and are treated well.

Home is where you feel at home and are treated well.


Novi Sad Apartments

Welcome to Novi Sad apartments web portal for the best Novi Sad accommodation and city guide. Our goal is to be the helping hand for anyone whose path has led to the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. We are here to help you get around this exciting, beautiful, unpredictable, and sometimes chaotic city.

We introduce you to Novi Sad short-term apartment rent, luxury apartments in Novi Sad, offer you free online booking of any listed Novi Sad apartment, and present you the ultimate online city guide. In addition to letting you book a short-term apartment in Novi Sad free of charge, these pages will help you plan your trip to the city and make the most of your time. If you want to rent a car, eat at the best Novi Sad restaurants, see great Novi Sad photos – you name it, we've got it.
And for all of you who have yet to venture into the thrill of the Balkans' coolest city, we plan to wet your appetite and give you so much choice of Novi Sad apartments and information about the city, you'll have no more excuses and will feel a magic force drawing you straight to Novi Sad.
Apartments Novi Sad

Novi Sad apartments - if you want the best alternative to expensive hotels in Novi Sad, taking an apartment in Novi Sad is probably the best option. Prices of Novi Sad apartments depend on the duration of your stay as well as location, but generally speaking, you can get premium quality of accommodation at hostel-like prices.

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Our guests about us

  • Ivana, actress
    For me, Novi Sad is a that I can't live without. I was born in Valjevo but I have been in love with this city since the beginning of my studies. That's why I return so often to my favorite place on the planet. The highest praise for Apartments for rent in Novi Sad. Everything is perfect!
    Ivana, actress
  • Filip and Bojan
    A hotel is not a hostel! The whole team of twenty of us stayed in three apartments for rent in Novi Sad, right next to the main street. It is unreal that for money much less than for any hotel or hostel each of us got our own flat. All the best to the generous host!
    Filip and Bojan
  • Miloš, from Niš
    LUXURY apartment for rent with a jacuzzi, the possibility of accommodating a large number of guests in one apartment... Literally, they fulfilled my every request. I have been working with them for more than three years and I can confirm that they are the best option for booking accommodation in the center of Novi Sad
    Miloš, from Niš


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When you take into account the fact that our medical professionals are widely recognized almost all over the world, then it is not surprising that a large number of residents of European countries inquire about the services of our specialists who have their offices in Serbia.


The question that arises for those who do not live in Novi Sad but own real estate in that city is what to do with it.

Especially when you have had many years of unpleasant experience with tenants.

Occasional short-term rental of apartments or apartments, popularly called "day use apartments" gives a good answer to that doubt.

Everyone wants to use their apartments in the right way to bring them profit but in addition they want free access to it whenever they want.

It is the concept of short-term rental accommodation in Novi Sad that makes such thing possible.

Your real estate remains only yours, all monthly bills are properly paid and there is no possibility of accumulating them.

The furniture that belongs to your apartment for rent, which you have kept for years, still remains preserved and the owner of the apartment for short-term rental can always enter his property without prior notice or fear of potential violation of other people's privacy.

With the lowest possible commission, our Day use Apartmani Novi Sad Agency is ready to arrange all the necessary details so that your day use apartment can start to be rented out on a daily basis!

Everything is our responsibility - maintenance and hygiene of the premises, your needs as well as the needs of guests, repairs, legal obligations towards inspections, payment of taxes and other things.

You can legally earn an appropriate amount of money from your inheritance or the house you bought, while your accommodation in Novi Sad is always free and available for you to use.

In relation to experiences with tenants, various types of inconveniences, avoidance of payment and damage that occurs, renting an Apartmani Novi Sad as a type of rental has many advantages in addition to the first and basic one - income.

Feel free to call our Day use Apartment Novi Sad Agency to learn more about the past experiences of those we have worked with as well as the experiences of Astoria Apartments Novi Sad, an agency for short-term rental of apartments. We would also like you to check the quality of our cooperation with clients and seek all available advice, in order to establish business cooperation as soon as possible.

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