All apartments and flats offered by the Agency Apartment at the Dan Novi Sad are leased or are privately owned. In this regard, we ask you to keep all existing property while staying in our accommodation, as well as to respect the rules that are prescribed in the house rules.


Smoking is allowed in certain apartments that are offered by novisadapartmani.com, but there are also some who do not allow it. Also, smoking is prohibited in the bedrooms, regardless of where the apartment or apartment is.


Payment of your arrangement, or total amount, is made when the keys are transferred, in dinar value, at the above exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia. For short stays in the accommodation offered by our Agency Apartment at the Dan Novi Sad Advance is not required. For longer stays, the advance is payable in the amount not less than 20 percent, depending on the apartment or apartment you choose from our offer. Avans can be paid by cash, a postal order for citizens of Serbia, through bank accounts, as well as by credit cards through pay pal service. For payments via PayPal, an additional 4% is charged for the payment, which represents transfer costs. Some countries do not have a payroll system enabled, so in this regard, it is not possible for the citizens of these countries to pay for accommodation from our offer.

Special offers

At special events, fairs, congresses or other events, it is possible:

Minimum stay
Advance payment of 100%


When arriving at the accommodation you choose, you will be welcomed by an agent, in order to hand over your keys, make a payment and together with you check the apartment or apartment. When you leave, you will hand over the keys to the same person and review the accommodation for publication again. Please tell us at least 24 hours earlier the exact time of arrival, so that we can organize the arrival of an agent who will welcome you or any transportation you ordered. The time to leave the apartment is 12.00 hours on the last day of your stay, and the time of entering the apartment is after 14.00 hours on the first day of your stay. In the event that all the conditions are created, we will meet you and ensure that you leave the apartment after, or enter the apartment before the deadline. Since we can not guarantee that the apartment will be free for previous arrival, or later departure, we recommend that, in case of need for extended use of the apartments, you will be provided with renting an additional day.


Upon arrival in the selected accommodation it is possible to extend the stay only if this apartment or apartment is available. In the event that it is already booked, Agency Stan at the Novi Sad Day will try to find and offer you alternative accommodation, without any related legal obligations. In the event of a shortened stay, the collected amount is not refunded, unless otherwise agreed verbally.


During your stay in accommodation capacities offered by Stan at Dan Novi Sad, our agency does not cover insurance.


Agency Stan on the Day of Novi Sad is obligated to keep your privacy, so third parties will not provide information about your stay. Our agency has a legal obligation to hand over your personal information and residence information to the police, to regulate your residence in Serbia, and also to the Tourist Organization of the City of Novi Sad, for the purpose of calculating the residence tax. If you want us to give information about your stay in some cases, please make it clear to us.


On your side

If for any reason you want to cancel the reservation, please do so in a timely manner, or at the very moment when you find out that your apartment for rent in Novi Sad is not needed. Please cancel your booking exclusively by e-mail or SMS at +381 60 40 65 202. Paid advance payment is not refund unless otherwise agreed. The received payment for the additional services provided by Agency Stan on Dan Novi Sad is refunded in full (reduced by the transfer costs).

From our side

If there are unforeseen circumstances that we are unable to provide you with already confirmed rental apartments, we will try to provide you with quality same or better accommodation in one of our apartments or apartments. In this case, you do not have any additional costs, but the rent that you paid, or which is agreed, covers the rental costs of the replacement apartment. If we are not able to provide you with a replacement accommodation or are forced to cancel the already confirmed rental due to the reason that Angency Stan does not have any influence at the Novi Sad Day, the amount that you have already paid will be fully refunded, so in that case, our agency will not have no further obligations.


Except for the person or company who made a reservation or rent of an apartment or apartment, all the conditions for using the apartments completely apply to all the persons who use the apartment.
Companies that make reservation on behalf of their employees are responsible for the accuracy of all necessary information about the persons who will use the apartment.

People or companies that confirm the rent of our accommodation, hereby confirm and accept all the conditions of use of the apartments and all the obligations arising from them.

Agency Stan at Dan Novi Sad will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of this website, loss or damage arising from the use of apartments or events such as fire, flood, natural disaster, robbery or any other criminal act by the user or the owner .

We also explicitly hide from the connection and responsibility for any possible illegal actions that would be committed by the owners / users of the apartment or the person accompanying them during the time of issuing / staying in the apartment.

Agency Stan does not register guests at the Novi Sad Day. Owners of advertised apartments are responsible for all legal actions related to short-term accommodation.

In the event of a dispute, the court in Novi Sad is competent.


In accordance with the limitations set forth in these Terms of Use and in accordance with the law, we are liable only for the direct damage you suffered, paid or caused due to our failure to fulfill the service obligations, in the amount of the total amount of the total cost of the reservations indicated in the message with the confirmation of the reservation (for one case or a series of related cases).

However, and in accordance with the law, neither we nor our employees or other persons who participate in the creation, sponsorship, promotion or otherwise make our website and its content available, are not materially liable for (1) any penal, special, indirect or consequential damages or losses, loss of production, loss of profits, loss of income, loss of contract, damage or loss of reputation and reputation, loss of right to compensation, (2) any (direct, indirect, consequential or criminal) damages, losses or expenses (3) any personal injury, death, property damage or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential) or any other (personal) loss or damage to property or criminal) damages, losses or expenses that you suffered or paid, either due to (legal) acts, errors, violations, (gross) negligence, willful misconduct, information hiding, something misrepresentation, criminal offense or offense by an accommodation facility that can (in whole or in part) be attributed to that facility whose products or services (directly or indirectly) are available or promoted on our website, including any (partially ) cancellation, overwhelming, strike, force majeure or any other event beyond our control.


Unless otherwise indicated, the software necessary for the performance of our services, or which is available or used on our website, as well as intellectual property rights (including copying) relating to the content and information and material on our website are owned by Astoria Apartments .

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