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Dunavska 27






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Apartment Danube Park 1



Novi Sad is located in the center of Vojvodina and, in the very center of Novi Sad, there are DANUBE apartments. The apartments are named after Dunavska Street, where they are located at number 27. For the people who come from other places, no matter how well they know Novi Sad, this provides an ideal opportunity to find themselves in a beautiful and pleasant environment in the heart of the city, and from there "everything is close", as the residents of Novi Sad would say...

The DANUBE PARK 1 is an apartment of ​​40m2, but the layout of its rooms and its interior design provide that you will not miss the comfort. The fact that it is smaller than other DANUBE apartments makes it ideal for renting by one or two people, and it can accommodate a maximum of four. The apartment has its own parking space, a WI-FI connection, 2 LCD TVs and air conditioning unit.

The DANUBE PARK 1 apartment consists of a living room which is separated from the kitchen by a bar, a separate bedroom and a bathroom. Both rooms have a TV and large windows provide maximum lighting. The kitchen allows you to prepare your favorite dish if you want and then you can eat it at the bar or table, it is a matter of your choice. In other words, renting a DANUBE PARK 1 apartment gives you the opportunity to be in the "heart" of the city, while being completely independent and almost "invisible" to all.

The DANUBE PARK 1 apartment is the right choice for all those who come to Novi Sad for a short or long vacation, entertainment, business meetings or other types of events. It provides you with comfort and privacy that surpasses hotel and hostel rooms, and its location and rental price allow you to achieve everything you are here for, in the least amount of time and money invested. Simply, DANUBE PARK 1 is an opportunity not to be missed.

Come to "EXIT", Novi Sad Fair, "Street Musicians Fair" or some other event. Organize a business meeting, celebration, attend an education seminar or use the opportunity to perform health check or dental intervention while you are here. Or, simply, "hide" from everyone and enjoy the comfort, peace and quiet of your own apartment in the center of Novi Sad. All this, and much more that you will discover for yourself, is provided by DANUBE apartments.

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